First, I must mention that I never write reviews.  I always read reviews, but I never take the time to write them.  Actually, this is the first one I have ever written.

Vicky and Jim at vjmStudios are absolutely amazing.  My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding in July, and chose Vicky and Jim as our photographers.  We were very nervous in choosing a photographer, as we are picky about the quality of photography and really want our photos to be beautiful.  We even went in planning our wedding agreeing that we would spend the most on photography because the photos mean so much to us.  To our surprise, vjmStudios is the perfect combination of high quality photography, personable photographers, and an affordable price!

Currently, my fiance and I are designing our invitations.  We really want our invitations to be personal and customized, so we decided to use our engagement photos in them.  I haven’t been the easiest bride to deal with in choosing which engagement photos to use, yet Jim responds right away when I call (or calls me back as soon as possible) and sends me different versions of the engagement photos the same day.  He even takes the time to edit them differently so that they fit into the invitations and look nice!

In choosing our theme, we decided that a different photograph (that was not part of our engagement package) of where the wedding will be would be nice to incorporate in our guest bags/decorations/etc.  We called Vicky and Jim to see if this would be possible, expecting that it probably wouldn’t be, and Jim said it would be absolutely no problem.  We did pay an additional small fee for the photograph (which is completely understandable), but what really impressed me is that Jim made a special trip to the location to take the photo so that we could use it for our wedding!

My fiance and I have had pretty good experiences with our vendors for the most part so far, but vjmStudios has by far impressed us the most.  It is so hard to find passionate and dedicated vendors anymore.  We are very excited for our wedding day, especially since Vicky and Jim will be our photographers.  I am not nervous at all about their service the day of the wedding (which is pretty rare!), but actually feel more comfortable and at ease that we chose Vicky and Jim.

If I remember (I have a bad memory… so my apologies if I forget), I will come back on here and give another review of vjmStudios after our wedding.  I am confident that the review will be consistent with this one.

If you are looking for a photographer (for a wedding, senior photos, etc.), and are nervous about which one to pick, I know exactly how you feel.  I highly recommend that you choose Vicky and Jim, because if you do, you will be in good hands.

Ashley and Jason

Vicky and Jim are in exactly the right profession for their skills and personality. Their package choices are very reasonably priced considering the other photographers in the State College area. They are personable and really do care about you and making sure you get what you wanted when it comes to your pictures. They are very prompt with communications and know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to photography. They have good suggestions if you don’t have anything in mind, and are very open to any suggestions you may have. They work very quickly, but don’t hurry you along. They have AMAZING energy. You really can’t help but laugh and relax after being around them for more than 5 minutes. Our engagement session was a lot of fun and the pictures are so pretty! The day of, they worked seamlessly within our timetable and you’d never know they were there during the ceremony. Our wedding guests had a lot of fun talking to the photographers as well. It was really nice having one of them (usually Jim) do more of the serious/posed photos and then the other (usually Vicky) is off to the side catching the more candid photos. They helped keep you on track throughout the day, and made sure before the wedding to get your must-have photo list and then the day of made sure to get them (so you didn’t have to think/remember what all you wanted). Vicky helped with my train, gave good tips on where to hold my bouquet to optimize the view of my dress detail as well as others, and even guarded the door to the restroom while I was inside. They posted a mini-slide show within a week of the wedding as a sneek-peak of the wedding photos; which I LOVED because who can wait to see the pictures, right? The only hard part is going to be deciding which to put in the wedding album, I know I’m going to love them ALL!! They captured our special day perfectly, every smile, laugh, and even tears!!

Nancy and Floyd